We wish you a successful term 2.  Unfortunately, Covid 19 is still with us.  We hope that many of you have been able to get vaccinated and that the worst is behind us.  If you or your family become ill and you need extra time to submit assignments, please reach out to your instructor right away and reach out to our Covid hotline 860-515-3702 or email  We will be asking for documentation of your positive test results, so please be prepare to submit that information.

SUMMER 2021:

  • Summer registration is now open! Please contact your advisor for clearance.
  • In order to avoid text-book delays due to the pandemic, we encourage you to order your books as soon as possible.

2021 Commencement:

  • Last Call for Senior Legacy Tribute Ads

    Sunday, April 25th is the deadline to place a Senior Legacy Tribute Ad. For a minimum contribution of $20.21, students, their parents, family members, and friends will have an opportunity to place a tribute in the back of the 2021 Commencement Program. For more information, please visit 2021 Senior Legacy Tributes.

 Transfer Credit Policy Changes:

  • Several of the College's transfer credit policies were updated over the last several months. Please view the College Catalog for the most up to date changes.  

Account Requests

Welcome !

If you wish to take a course as a visiting student, there is no need to complete an application for admission. Simply fill out our Registration Request form. We will then send you your username and password that will allow you to register for a course. The account request will be processed within 24 business hours.

Before registering, please view our Academic Calendar for important registration and refund deadlines, as well as the Course Registration tab to view our current course offerings and register for courses.

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Student Self Service

Once you login you will have access to the Student Self Service tab, where you can:

  • Search and register for courses
  • Drop/Withdraw from courses
  • Make payments
  • Check Financial Aid status
  • Access your course schedule
  • View the Academic Calendar



Email Forwarding

Once enrolled, ALL communications will be sent your Charter Oak Email  account only. Therefore, we highly encourage you to set up the forwarding feature listed below.

How to forward your email to another account

Please Note: Your Charter Oak email may contain sensitive information related to your education (.i.e. student bill and academic progress); therefore, you should be mindful of where you re-route the emails to be sent.

  1. Log into your email at
  2. Open Outlook
  3. Click the Settings icon (Gear)

  4. Type “forward” in the search bar and click “Forwarding”
  5. Click ‘Start Forwarding”, enter your email address and ‘Save’.