The following are changes that Barnes & Noble (MBS) bookstore have made:

  1. Order fulfillment may be delayed due to staffing restrictions.
    We continue to work hard to make sure packages leave our warehouse between 24 and 48 hours after orders are placed.
  2. UPS suspended the UPS Service Guarantee.
    We have not made changes to the shipping options available in the virtual bookstore, but due to the suspension of the UPS Service Guarantee, MBS cannot guarantee the published delivery dates listed on the virtual bookstore. For more information on the UPS response to COVID-19, please visit their site.
  3. The Customer Contact Center has adjusted staffing levels and hours.
    Due to staffing restrictions, you could experience a longer than normal wait time on calls and emails. The Customer Contact Center’s new hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT. This includes phone calls, chat services and emails.

Charter Oak does offer a variety of course materials using digital formats such eBooks, VitalSource, Cengage Unlimited including OER materials. The following is a list of fall courses that use OER.

Fall '20 OER Course List.xlsx

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that you may freely use and reuse at no cost, and without needing to ask permission.

VitalSource offers students to purchase eBooks (students need to select digital format in the bookstore).
Cengage Unlimited provides students with an unlimited subscription (with increments of one semester, one year or two years) on all Cengage resources.

No textbook means your course doesn’t use a textbook but may use links, websites, pdfs within the course content in Bb. Students can review the course syllabus for more details.

Please check the bookstore for specific details on which format is available for your course(s).

Term Dates

YearSubTrmFirst AddLast AddLast DropClasses StartClasses End
2021Spring FS10/01/202001/19/202101/19/202101/19/202105/02/2021
2021Spring S110/01/202001/19/202101/19/202101/19/202102/21/2021
2021Spring T110/01/202001/19/202101/19/202101/19/202103/14/2021
2021Spring S210/01/202003/02/202103/02/202103/01/202104/04/2021
2021Spring T210/01/202003/23/202103/23/202103/22/202105/16/2021
2021Spring S310/01/202004/13/202104/13/202104/12/202105/16/2021
2021Summer FS  05/25/202105/24/202108/15/2021
2021Summer S1  05/25/202105/24/202106/27/2021
2021Summer T1  05/25/202105/24/202107/18/2021
2021Summer T2  06/22/202106/21/202108/15/2021
2021Summer S2  07/06/202107/05/202108/08/2021

Charter Oak has a variety of terms to meet your needs:

FS:  Full semester 15 week terms

T1 & T2:  8 Week Terms

S1, S2 & S3:  5 Week Terms

Please review our Academic Calendar for registration dates as well as when classes begin and end.

Always check individual classes for start and end dates prior to registering.


**Students should NOT attempt to complete any assignments using a mobile or handheld device including tests, quizzes, discussion board postings and written assignments.