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Term Dates

YearSubTrmFirst AddLast AddLast DropClasses StartClasses End
1718Spring S210/01/201702/22/201802/25/201802/26/201804/01/2018
1718Spring T210/01/201703/15/201803/18/201803/19/201805/13/2018
1718Spring S310/01/201704/05/201804/08/201804/09/201805/13/2018
1718Summer FS04/01/201805/17/201805/20/201805/21/201808/19/2018
1718Summer S104/01/201805/17/201805/20/201805/21/201806/24/2018
1718Summer T104/01/201805/17/201805/20/201805/21/201807/15/2018
1718Summer T204/01/201806/21/201806/24/201806/25/201808/19/2018
1718Summer S204/01/201806/28/201807/01/201807/02/201808/05/2018

Charter Oak has a variety of terms to meet your needs:

FS:  Full semester 16 week terms

T1 & T2:  8 Week Terms

S1, S2 & S3:  5 Week Terms

Please review our Academic Calendar for registration dates as well as when classes begin and end.

Always check individual classes for start and end dates prior to registering.


**Students should NOT attempt to complete any assignments using a mobile or handheld device including tests, quizzes, discussion board postings and written assignments.