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Direct Loan Information
150% Direct Loan Subsidized Usage (.pdf, 79K)
051613DirectSubsidizedLoanLimit150PercentAnnounce1Attach.pdf (.pdf, 530K)
Academic Policy

Recent changes to federal regulations require Charter Oak State College to update its satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy. This communication serves to outline the college’s new satisfactory academic policy and is effective beginning with the fall 2011 period of enrollment.  It is applicable to all students who are financial aid recipients.
SAP Policy (.pdf, 103K)
Course Repeat Policy (.pdf, 124K)
Disbursement Policy
This policy is effective beginning Spring 2012.  Questions?  Please contact us at or (860) 515-3703.
Disbursement Policy (.pdf, 24K)
Clarification Disbursement Policy (.pdf, 71K)
Unusual Enrollment History

This policy is effective beginning Fall 2013.  Questions?  Please contact us at or (860) 515-3703. 

13-14 and 14-15 UEH (.pdf, 121K)
15-16 UEH (.pdf, 114K)
Withdrawal - Return of Title IV Policy

COSC Title IV Refund Policy (R2T4) (.pdf, 144K)
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