Connect The Campus Portal to EXi Using the EXiApiRoot

Adding the EXiApiRoot to your campus portal's ERP Settings allows for features or modules in the campus portal and EXi to communicate and correctly map data from one application to the other.

  1. Log into the campus portal as an administrator.

  2. From the profile drop-down options, select Site Manager. Example. The Site Manager page appears and displays the Site Settings tab.

  3. Next to Framework settings, click Edit.

  4. From the Select a Category drop-down, select ERP. The Category: ERP settings page appears.

  5. In the EXiApiRoot field, enter the correct EXiApiRoot. Example

    To get your school's EXiApiRoot, take your school's EXi URL and add /api to the end of the URL. For example, if your school's EXi URL is, the EXiApiRoot will be

  1. Click Save.