Data Sources

Jenzabar-provided data sources vary according to your school's licenses to CRM Candidate and EXi Events Management.
Any data sources or string replacers you set up are available to all forms within the FormFlow instance.

Data sources are SQL statements that can be used to populate information in different ways across multiple forms. Data sources can save the form user time completing information you already have in your database, help ensure inaccurate information isn't entered, and can keep questions limited to specific choices. There are five types of data sources you can use:

·       Options

·       Auto Completes

·       Look Ups  

·       Access Control Lists

·       Waiver Codes

You can use Jenzabar-provided JZB SQL statements or create your own so you can populate your forms with frequently used database information. Data sources are not limited to one form. You can reuse them as needed.

Prefix a value with ## in the SQL to hold the place for a value to be inserted at execution.

Trailing Spaces

Database columns frequently use CHAR data types, which pad values with trailing spaces. This can cause issues when comparing the user entry with what exists in the database. Extra spaces might prevent it from matching.

For example, database might have "NC" as a state and when the user enters "NC       ," trailing spaces might be added.

Use RTRIM() on char and nchar columns to ensure values match.

How Do I...

Create a Datasource

Set Up an Options Datasource

Set Up an Auto Complete

Set Up a Look Up

Set Up an Access Control List

Set Up Waiver Codes

Connect a Question to a Datasource

For Additional Information

Database Connections

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