The Button question type is commonly used for cause and effect. This means that when the form user clicks the button, they cause something to occur. Common form buttons include navigation buttons to help a form user step through the form and save their progress as they go, save buttons to save progress, submit buttons to finalize and send the form to the appropriate location, ect.

Button Example

Button Settings

The Button question type supports the following settings:

·       Definition Options

·       Alignment

·       Width and Height

·       Font Size

·       Attribute:

o     Hide on Load (Legacy)

·       Rules

How Do I

Add a Button

Set Up Navigation Buttons

Set Up a Submit Button

Set Up a Save and Quit Button

Move a Question/Field to Another Tab

Copy & Paste a Question/Field within the Same Form

Copy & Paste a Question/Field to Another Form

Remove a Question/Field