The CheckBox question type lets people select one or more answers from a list of choices. Checkboxes can also be used for cause and effect. This means that when the form user selects a checkbox, they cause something to occur.  For example, if you have a checkbox question asking if the form user has any allergies and they click the Yes checkbox, a List All Allergies field appears where they can list their known allergies.  

CheckBox Example

CheckBox Settings

The CheckBox question type supports the following settings:

·       Definition Options

·       Alignment

·       Attributes:

o     Required

o     Read Only

o     Show Only in Report

o     Font Size

o     Hide on Load (Legacy)

·       Map to EXi Event Field

·       Help Info Text

·       Options

·       Rules

How Do I...

Add a CheckBox and Set Up the Definition Properties

Configure CheckBox Settings

Set Up Static Options for the CheckBox

Set Up Dynamic Options for the CheckBox

Set Up an Options Datasource

Associate an Action with the CheckBox

Move a Question/Field to Another Tab

Copy & Paste a Question/Field within the Same Form

Copy & Paste a Question/Field to Another Form

Remove a Question/Field

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