The Hidden question type lets you add information to your form that only other form builders can see. You can include instructions for setting up the form.

Form Example

Hidden Settings

The Hidden question type supports the following settings:

·       Definition Options

·       Alignment

·       Attributes:

o     Show Only in Report

o     Hide on Load (Legacy)

o     Include in Report Grid

o     Use ID Number Value to Override Submitter's ID

·       Default Value

·       Add Double Value to Final Balance

·       Multiple Balance by Double Value

·       Map to Payment Field

·       Help Info Text

·       Rules

·       Look Up

How Do I...

Add a Hidden Field and Set Up the Definition Properties

Configure Hidden Settings

Associate a Action with the Hidden Field

Set Up a Look Up

Create a Datasource

Move a Question/Field to Another Tab

Copy & Paste a Question/Field within the Same Form

Copy & Paste a Question/Field to Another Form

Remove a Question/Field