The question/field Definition properties let you assign a unique and internal ID that can be used to automatically populate information. This can be done as a tie to your EX or external database or to another question/field on your form. You can also select the type of question/field being added to the form, which controls additional question/field settings, enter text to be associated with the question, include the question in a group, and associate it with a group of questions.

Definition Example

Definitions Defined



 Unique ID

The Unique ID is important! It is used as the text for your form URL, helps you keep track of your forms in EX FormFlow - Workflow, and will let you set up data sources within your form and to your database.  


Controls the position and arrangement of the tabs on the form.


Text paired with your form question that tells form users what kind of information they need to enter. This is typically brief (for example, Nickname or Waiver Code, but can include formatted text, images, and hyperlinks.

Text Position

Determines if the text will appear to the top, right, or left of the question/field.


Lets you group similar questions. For example, two questions with the word “Faculty” in the group box can be acted on simultaneously with Event steps.


The target collection grid for this question. When a grid is associated with a question, the question becomes an input device, but the values cannot be referenced in a one-to-one database insert. Mapping becomes the responsibility of the associated grid.

Grid Function

The role this question should play in relation to the collection grid. Key indicates that each row value should be unique in reference to this field or group of fields. When multiple rows are marked as key, the combination of those column values must make the row unique. Summary displays the input result as a column in the grid. Detail indicates the value should be collected, but not immediately displayed to the end user. Add Button is reserved for the button object that will transfer the data from the source question to the target grid.

Access Definition Properties

1.      Log in to the campus portal as an administrator and access EX FormFlow - Forms.

2.      Click Manage Forms. The Manage Forms page appears.

3.      Click on the form you are working with.

4.      Right-click on the question you are working with and select Properties.

5.      Click Form Settings. The Form Information window appears.

6.      Select the Definition tab.