The Textbox question type lets people enter a single line of text. For example, people can enter responds to simple questions.

Textbox Example

Textbox Settings

The Textbox question type supports the following settings:

·       Definition Options

·       Alignment

·       Attributes:

o     Required

o     Read Only

o     Show Only in Report

o     Hide on Load (Legacy)

o     Include in Report Grid

·       Default Value

·       Add Double Value to Final Balance

·       Multiple Balance by Double Value

·       Map to Payment Field

·       Map to EXi Event Field

·       Help Info Text

·       Options

·       Rules

How Do I...

Add a Textbox and Set Up the Definition Properties

Configure Textbox Settings

Associate an Action with the Textbox

Create a Datasource

Add an Auto Complete to the Textbox

Set Up a Look Up

Move a Question/Field to Another Tab

Copy & Paste a Question/Field within the Same Form

Copy & Paste a Question/Field to Another Form

Remove a Question/Field


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