Map to Payment Field



Map to Payment Field

Information entered in the event registration form can be shown on the payment page.




When you map to a payment field, information people enter in your form is automatically completed when they go to pay. For example, you can tie contact information in an event registration form to the fields on the payment form so that when they finish registering for an event, their address and phone number are completed on their payment.  

To Map a Question to the Payment Form:

1.         Log in to the campus portal as an administrator and access EX FormFlow - Forms.

2.         Click Manage Forms. The Manage Forms page appears.

3.         Click on the form you are working with.

4.         Right-click on your form question and select Properties. The Edit Item window appears.

5.         Click on the Settings tab.

6.         From the Map to Payment field, select the payment portal field you want to map to. Fields should match one another. For example, the address questions in your event registration form will match the address fields in the payment portal.

7.         Click Save.