Question/Field Attribute: Show Only in Report

You can make a question/field only visible in the report view or EX FormFlow - Workflow. Form users will not see the question when they complete the form. You can add a question to the form that has the student’s ID number as the default value and select this option. The user would not see it when filling out the form, but the person reviewing the submission would see it.



Make a Question Read Only

1.         Log in to the campus portal as an administrator and access EX FormFlow - Forms.

2.         Click Manage Forms. The Manage Forms page appears.

3.         Click on the form you are working with.

4.         Right-click on your form question and select Properties. The Edit Item window appears.

5.         Click Settings. The Settings tab appears.

6.         Select the Read Only check box.

7.         Click Save.