Options let you determine what is available for form users to select when they answer a drop-down, radio button, or check box question.

·       Orientation options let you determine how you want radio button and check box options to appear.

o     Horizontal example

o     Vertical example

·       Static options let you enter specific options that form users can select. They are specific to the form and populated from your EX or external database.

o     Static radio button setup

o     How the setup appears in the user's form

·       Dynamic options let you provide options for the user based on your EX or external database. Dynamic options utilize data sources and can be reused across forms. They are useful for commonly used form questions such as State and Country lists. Jenzabar provides several JZB options you can use and you can create your own data sources to populate these options.

o     Dynamic drop-down list setup

o     How the setup appears in the user's form

In order to use data sources, you must set up the database connections. If you are creating custom data sources, you'll also need to set them up. See DataSources for more information.


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