Question/Field Setting: OR Enter Image URL

The Or Enter Image URL setting lets you enter or paste the website of the image you want to display in your form question.

Enter an Image URL

1.         Log in to the campus portal as an administrator and access EX FormFlow - Forms.

2.         Click on the form you are working with.

3.         Right-click on the question and select Properties. The Edit Item window appears.

4.         Click Settings. The Settings tab appears.

5.         In the OR Enter Image URL field, paste the web address of the image you want to associate with the question. To get the URL of a web image:

a.         Access the website with the image you want to add.

b.         Right-click on the image and select Copy link address. You can now paste the URL in the OR Enter Image URL field.

This may not always be accurate. If the image links to something else, the address being copied copying will be the target of the link and not the source of the actual image..

6.         Click Save.