Question/Field Setting: Date from Tag

This option can be used to pre-populate a datepicker question with a particulate date using a literal string replacer.

For example, you can create a @@BirthDate tag that selects the currently logged in user’s birthdate from biograph_master, and you could have it select that date by default in the datepicker by populating the Date from tag setting with @@BirthDate.

Set Up a Default Date from a Tag

1.         Log in to the campus portal as an administrator and access EX FormFlow - Forms.

2.         Click on the form you are working with.

3.         Right-click on the question and select Properties. The Edit Item window appears.

4.         Click the Settings tab.

5.         In the Date from Tag field, enter the literal string replacer you are using to determine what date will automatically be selected when the form user accesses the form.

6.         Click Save.