Spring and Summer 2020:

  • Spring Term 2 registration is now open. Please contact your advisor for clearance.
  • Spring 2020 book vouchers have been issued to eligible students as of December 10th.  Voucher recipients will receive an email with their book voucher ID number from MBS Direct . If you did not receive the email, please use this link to have your voucher ID sent to you again. 
  • Summer courses are now open for registration! Please contact your advisor for clearance.


  • Charter Oak State College reserves the right to limit or exclude the transfer of credit if the course content, assessment process , or student learning outcomes do not meet Charter Oak’s faculty standards. Given these standards, effective January 16, 2020, credit will no longer be accepted in transfer from the following organizations:


    • Consortium for International Studies (CIS)
    • Coopersmith
    • Rechtschaffen Institute of Judaic Studies (RIJS)
    • Tor Academy